A Mountain of a Man

…there was more in Harlem, and six years, a lot of love making, screaming when necessary and pleading if she had to had kept Hal off those streets…

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First Things

Where there once was, there will never be.

What God has set aside cannot spring.

One thing I must ask of you,

When the time comes, will you see it through?

These things were asked of me.

When I went off to college to be.

A man of all things, one true to the vision God gave to look after you,

To be like my father, to be like my king, to take my place in society,

These were the things I was thinking of then.

Now, not so much, as the time came and went.

Now, as an older man, I see there are other things, more important to …

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The will of man to do what’s right,

The power of the animal who’s taken flight,

The girl in her virginity, overnight,

All end as if overtaken,

All surrender to allow the greater might.


The womb of the morning,

The dark of night,

The emptiness of space,

The spark of human insight,

All surrender to the force of light.


What would spring into being

If man’s will ceased being

Given over to lesser things,

If light gave way to man’s reason,

Father (Little big man)

I didn’t know I would be

So big in your life.

I always thought your mom’s voice

My image from you would wipe

But you remember me

Think about me

Somebody called me, “Mister,”

the other day.

I turned around and looked 

for my father, 

The way

you’ll be looking for me

one day,

Little man.

It’s so much

I want to tell you,

Little man.

So much I want to show …

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I watched you laugh.

I watched you cry.

I felt an arm

Around my shoulder

When I

Least expected,

Was most in need.

Brother, you were


That word means.

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In the time it takes to do a thing,

In the space you need to flow,

Arrange in your mind

What it takes to do

The thing you need,

The outcome you




Your needs

Will be seen in heaven

Because you believed it was so,

Though you didn’t have a mind made up.


Belief is not what you were taught to do.

Faith is made up of

Things you don’t




Yourself …

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40 years they marched

Until the spirit of slavery was dead.

By his word, by his law,

By his Spirit alone

They were led

Until all came

To the river

Where he

Purged their sins

Their depending end

On what earth

Could bring.

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Ever had the feeling

You were on

The cusp of a dream?


Ever had that tingling

In your heart and mind

In between


The chores and boredom

Of day to day

The work you wish

Would go away

But you stay and do

What you have to do

Until the time comes

When you can be you?


What if that time is


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Dream Big

My brother-in-law died

At the age I’ll turn next week.

My granddaddy lived a long time

But he

Was from that old school

Of revivals and Southern bread,

Meals cooked from ground that was God-kissed,

All the animals corn-fed.


But he didn’t know

And I’m telling you

How long you live

Is dependent on who

You ascribe to be.


You’ll live a long time

If you don’t want more than he

Got to live, hoping for you

To have a better life.

Son, you have to know

Your dreams reside in me,

In my father, in his,

You see we

Will never get to do

All the things we want to

Just dream a little harder

And pass it on to you.


Don’t live day-to-day, …

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Don’t You Know II

“Don’t you know,”

God tells me

Don’t you know

How much your life

Brings me


Why would I

Ever stop loving you

Why would a few


In course

Make you

Doubt my love?

Don’t you know

I crave time with you

Don’t you know

I’ll defend you

Over any who

Seek to harm

The love I have in you

Don’t you know

My love



of you?

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