Be on Time

Be on time
When he calls you
Be on time
When the king
Says, “It’s your time
For appearing
It’s your time
To be.”
With the lover
One with the truth
One with holiness
One with you
Our everlasting God
Our hope and our peace
Our loving Lord and savior
One with the king
Let our hearts be after
You our holiness and truth
Let my mind be ever after
The wonder of you
There is
No other
Way to be
After God’s heart
No other thing
Will I seek
Only his truth
I was on his heart
But his timing
Set me on a path
That I could not believe
He would call me to such a task
In him I have received
A unique calling
A favor
A truth
God has set my path towards him
I shall not be moved
He has raised me up and then
Given unto me
A unique and holy calling
I shall ever be
Indebted to the one
Who died for me
Now it is time
To fulfill my calling
In Jesus I will be
One with the master
One with the king
One with his holiness
One I’ll be
Forever indebted
Forever in truth
It’s time
His calling
Is upon me
Will see me
In this life
You’ll see me speaking
You’ll see me after God’s heart
Because I will be
The writer he called
The lover of truth
I will live out my life on this earth
In holiness
You will see God work
His power in me
From the king
I will believe
From this time forth
And be
One with my God
One with the king

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