Before Your Womb

Given the things we like to do, small wonder we have women who choose rather than a mother to be free from the responsibility a marriage vow entails commitment to. Why build another life before you decide why life hasn’t give you purpose to pass on to another relying on you for food, shelter, and to be another in this life seeking meaning?

What’s most appealing about these things, what’s most endearing, what brings us outside what the God of Jesus Christ in the Word clearly says to do, what our need drives us to, is knowing we’ve been freed from being what even God says we should, free to decide what we should do, what bodies we did not create but were born into, even the womb, is under our rule. Shouldn’t we be able to do with our own bodies which we, year after year, clothe and feed, and have legal license to, whatever our flesh requires us to satisfy its need? Day after day we do what’s necessary, what hunger drives us to. We daily strive to keep our bodies clean and fed, appeal through our bodies to those who can help us gain those things we need to comfort our flesh and mind. What kind of God would choose to overrule what we, since birth, have been taught is our responsibility? What kind of king orders his subjects to disobey local rule, to decide what is and is not from the king? Is God silent on some things?

Here’s the thing, the heart and enduring command of history. All literature, all rule, all things that have come into being, recognize one thing. You nor I created one thing. You have no authority to bring to life what has been released, to restore vitality, really, infuse new life into inanimate or stop forces of nature when released. Shall we become equal since none of created things sprung from what we brought from within? Can we bring into, any new addition to what existed when we appeared from we know not where?

Dare we call ours any existing thing? Our encasement, this flesh that contains the us that appeared from a place we cannot recall nor retrace, go back into, have even the presence of mind to comprehend this journey as it began; this we spend moment by day by month, again and again, this flesh whose commands daily each has survived, been kept alive, by meeting instinctively our body’s need?

Did the place each was placed in the womb, the there none of our prophets or poets dare ask about or try describing, the where before our appearing, the place part of our essence existed, the place you and all had been before the clean slate of our consciousness in the womb was placed, retain rights?

Were we conceived, or did our race name an instant that can’t be placed on a line of time? What was before you, I, were conceived? A word to describe a thing none can repeat, provide the backstory to, a word that also is used describing a thought, that which we can trace yet know not how it proceeds from place to place, sometimes becoming music, a business or momentary things. If we cannot contain such an innocuous thing, can’t raise up an industry or build a machine to create thoughts we recognize as starting the greatest and most beneficial enterprises in recorded history, how can we know what the next encased us in a womb will from that country of which we haven’t dared to explore, grasp, or any way seek to find, comes through asking collective us for full restoration of its slate wiped clean, mean? Would a new-born baby seek entrance into this life from a womb that was not approved on the other side where knowledge knows the method to transfer existence from that realm into a womb?

Who could do such a thing as this? Better, who has the right of such a being to, their decision, overrule?

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