By the Time

By the time

You get this

I will have seen

Your hurt

Your need

You see

I was put

On this earth

To minister to you

My hurt

My pain

To share

In truth

To love you


The words on this page

To help you

To hold you

To guide you again

Through my misery

Through my joy

Through my elation

Through my void

Through my walk

Through my journeyings

Taking with you

A part of me

Here’s the word

I have for you today

In truth

You were born for greater things

Those things do

You have to separate

The words in you,

my king,

my queen,

Know that is why

You are made for great things

Many counselors in your mind

Many in mine too

Many approach to have told

Their words to you

Sit enthroned

In your mind of peace

Sit despite

Your solemn griefs

Sit everyday

And know in truth

You are king!

You are queen!

Divide what is true

Let every thought

Coming bow before you

Rule your mind!

Rule your thoughts!

And God will recognize you

Enlarge your territory

Because you have been faithful

In a few things

Bring your mind under control

God uses only conquered kings

Queens who know

How to set right

And rule

Rule, daughter,

Rule, son,

God is with you.

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