Cheryl’s Song 16

There is one love

That lasts a lifetime

Many say, “Two,”

I believe one

Can do

What no other can approach

Some wait and see

Others jump in

That’s not for me


I had that one

Who made me

Who took me out

Of who I was content to be

Who gave me strength

And loved me too

It’s a double-edged sword

When the truth

Hits you

At an early age

And you don’t know what to do

I should have grabbed

But tried

To use

What I knew

Instead of admitting

This was new

I needed a new strategy

Do you?

Why be content

If you are married

Let it be

Made new

With the one

You can be


Don’t you


To be

The love of one person’s life

Like me

One person

Who will always

Remember you

and smile

That’s what we have to do

Us who

Let go

And didn’t hold on

To the dream

Become dreams to who we’re with

That’s the only thing

That’s our reality

Let’s make it our dream

You with me?

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