Cheryl’s Song 17


You knew how to

Do the things

That brought you love

Once you’d do

Those things that came from above

Once you’d feel

Other seeing you


Once you were little

And knew what to do

Some lose the gift

At an early age

Some never find their way

Out of the womb

The tomb of fear

Grabs them easily

Rejection, hurt, abandonment

Abuse can be

Killers of the things

That made us be

Ones whose love

Was found so easily

Remember when a word

A smile was given to you

All you had to do

Was to love and be you

Once it was easy

Once again it can be

Learn to love God

Love yourself freely

A mother’s love

A father’s glance

Approving nods

You see

Can never take the place

Of how I feel about me

It stands inside me

This I know

And though they helped or hindered me

It’s my choice

To love my God

It starts with loving me.

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