Cheryl’s Song 8

Here’s a revelation

Of what I needed to see.

Here’s a revelation

Of what’s important to me.

Here’s a revelation

Of all we need in truth.

Here’s a revealing

Of what God has for you:

You were born with a mission

I was too

A good work

God has alone

For us to do.

There is an enemy

Satan, if you will

That blocks, hems in,

Distracts with all ill.

He knows our secrets

Because we tell them to him

How many times

Have you slept with an enemy

And bared your soul to him

Only to find out

He knew nothing about you

He was there for momentary pleasure

And so were you

In truth

You knew

I did too

It wasn’t going to last

It wasn’t you

God alone

No man

Has what fulfills us, my queens

God alone, no woman,

Can make a man complete

God knows

I see it now

One thing we can do

Live out God’s purpose for our lives

The one thing only we can do

And in that is our peace.

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