When in the course of time

Things change,

When in the current of the mind

Thoughts rearrange,

Then, when calm the river surface


And the atmosphere, like the electric


Look and see.

The signs have appeared.

Take heed and know.

God’s Spirit is near.


It’s not the time sparks fire,

Or even an atom’s essence takes flight.

Don’t seek when armies proceed to conquer.

In the atmosphere, just right,

The time has been scheduled.

Your moment has drawn nigh.

Into the king’s chamber

Your place, the light.

Look to—His shining—

Your moment in the sun.

Your offense to creation

Your God has. Overcome,

Stand upright.

Jesus your way has made.

The peace, God’s presence,

Justice assuaged.


No longer is the enmity

Bred into your being.

Because of what Christ has done

Against you. Being

In God’s presence

Is what you, created for

A higher dimension,

Accepted death

To be made


But before you can be

In God’s presence.

He has drawn, receive

The substitutionary sentence.

Your violence, His peace.

You were born for battle,

A servant on his owner’s steed.

Your very presence

Universal peace


Keep in mind,

The thing that has been

Told you,

The lie

Your fathers breed,

You creature of ignorant conception

Not knowing simple things.

Where before you existed,

Where after you’ll be,

Can one at peace with eternity

Be absent this?



Why not known to you

Is the way

The universe beats?

Why a bastard child

Is your positioning?

Out of tune,

Out of a time,

Confined to a space,

Then hurtled out.



Do you realize

In you is no peace?

Do you provide

True testimony?

From the instant,

From our appearing,

From the moment

Our being

Enters this realm,

Doesn’t it scream,

This universe we inhabit,

This time/space we

Have convinced our

Collective chatter

Is ruled by us,

Believe not in a god,

Believe you are the being

Who sprung spontaneously?

Believe if that’s what it takes

To get daily to our destination.

From conception, death,

We, every form of Adam’s seed,

Hurtle unavoidably.

Hoping for the unattainable.

God is peace.

And when before truth

You stand. Man, see

The God that calls

Is the peace. Seek

After that you hate.

Place of a servant,

Place, slave,

Completely hidden behind,

Outside of God’s view,

Shielded, finally finding

The disturbance is you.

The lack of peace

In God’s galaxy

Was created by man.

Who are we?

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