Dream Big

Posted in Diary by - July 18, 2020

My brother-in-law died

At the age I’ll turn next week.

My granddaddy lived a long time

But he

Was from that old school

Of revivals and Southern bread,

Meals cooked from ground that was God-kissed,

All the animals corn-fed.


But he didn’t know

And I’m telling you

How long you live

Is dependent on who

You ascribe to be.


You’ll live a long time

If you don’t want more than he

Got to live, hoping for you

To have a better life.

Son, you have to know

Your dreams reside in me,

In my father, in his,

You see we

Will never get to do

All the things we want to

Just dream a little harder

And pass it on to you.


Don’t live day-to-day, son.

I know it seems

Like you have forever,

But, boy it creeps

Up on you something fierce,

A funeral or two,

Next thing, like my dad,

There’s only you.

And the dream of what your boy will do.


Dream big, my son.

Live a full life.

Don’t worry about the past

Get all you can tonight

Cause your boy’s gonna know

Based on what you do

Whether his daddy was a dreamer

Or a doer when your life is through.



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