Father (Little big man)

Posted in Diary by - July 18, 2020

I didn’t know I would be

So big in your life.

I always thought your mom’s voice

My image from you would wipe

But you remember me

Think about me

Somebody called me, “Mister,”

the other day.

I turned around and looked 

for my father, 

The way

you’ll be looking for me

one day,

Little man.

It’s so much

I want to tell you,

Little man.

So much I want to show you,

Little man.

But you don’t know me

Like I want you to.

When I get through.

Your mother’s mouth won’t matter.

I’ll be able to show you

a big man

Someone to look up to

but now,

My momma says,

“He just needs you.”

Is that true,

Little man?

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