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Where there once was, there will never be.

What God has set aside cannot spring.

One thing I must ask of you,

When the time comes, will you see it through?

These things were asked of me.

When I went off to college to be.

A man of all things, one true to the vision God gave to look after you,

To be like my father, to be like my king, to take my place in society,

These were the things I was thinking of then.

Now, not so much, as the time came and went.

Now, as an older man, I see there are other things, more important to me

Is what on the earth mark I will leave.

These things, young man, I want you to see.


It is not after your father you are to be, at least not on earth.

You see, here’s the thing.

You and I have a divine purpose to be.

The thing God set out, for us to

See what is inside of you and me.

At college, for you, there will be

Others ready to help you in this thing, some young, some old,

Almost all still seekingto find inside what is the “God thing.”

Seek, young man, and help others theirs seek.


Find, young woman, a husband.

For you are given

Of God, one truth.

You are to be a bearer of many things.

From the womb of your spirit grows the next society.

You are, mother, in more ways than you can think,

The progenitor of what happens.

A husband: you think, and may have known,

Rape, subjugation, things unknown, yet this attraction still thrives.

In you

A husband’s love, find this truth.

He, who follows God, set him over you.

Man, occupation, God-given rule.

In God there is neither of traditional what sex brings, but in Christ

Your humiliation and promise remains.

Woman, never forget, given you redemption, wholeness. Here’s the truth:

As you go lower, under set things, Christ’s rule, He your husband will be.

Set yourself, woman, below what He, infinite wisdom has determined you be

Desirous, but not over, the lead.

Another, set under, and in alignment, find your freedom.

Young man of God, back to you. You set over the woman given you.

It may be a career, or many things.

Understand our, society’s, destiny is determined,

Becomes in reality, what you invest in the woman, you supply the seed.

She, your woman, and there may be many, brings forth the fruit, nurtures.


Your destiny as finding the womb best created, the seed your man, father,

And womb of your mother entrusted to you to bear.

Find your destiny young man, as a series of wombs, you must conceive.

A wife, a family,

May or may not, this college season be the answer,

But always, no matter what subjects given as study, remain focused, these:

Wife, family, however formed, from God only receive.


Here’s the crux, the matter, though convolutions at glance life can be, settle your heart, one thing: marry. God in His truth, and never be taken by what’s told from young or old, those not clearly in the obvious flow, Holy ministry, gave gifts to every man and woman.

See, young man, woman, God’s gift. To be at entrance of priesthood committed to fidelity towards finding three things: your wife, God’s call, love. Family will come,

Fame, fortune, insignificant things, as these your road crosses, set God’s above all.

Man, woman, be true. In this alignment of God choose.

God’s calling, through whom conception of the call your coupling seems best, to these two in all forms stay alone for, in faithfulness be devoted to your marriage partner.

Leave to God insignificant. Grow family.

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