Here’s the Why

 Here’s the why

You’ve asked of Me.

Here’s the taking,

Here’s the king

You’ve set over


But Me

You do no listen to

In regard to this thing.

“What has kept me behind?”

You ask of Me.

What has kept me

From moving

Into Your destiny?

What has kept my mind

Off of You;

What has kept me prospering

In that You have no thing with which to do?

What has kept my mind

On these things?

Where is my prosperity?;

This you asked Me,

And your heart was true.

This you asked Me,

And I will have pity on you.

Pity, not the remorse

You seem to think I have towards you.

I am not remorseful.

I knew what you would do.

I have written your story,

I have watched you,

My king.

You say

You ask of Me:

How can I serve You better,

What are the things

I need to do and put aside

To love You more, my King?

I have pity,

No remorse

In hearing these things.

You’ve labored long in your own effort.

Labor in Me.

Let Me come

Alongside you.

Let Me be your father,

Husband you.

Let Me take from your shoulders

The load you’ve been bearing.

Let Me show you I love you.

This keeps tearing

At your heart:

You know I love you.


Your heart reaches out:

“What more can I give?

What will make me


Acceptable to You?”

Live in my love:

I love you.

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