Don’t You Know?

Don’t you know

I love you

Don’t you know

I have been with you

All this time

I have seen you

Your tears are mine

I have called you

For such a time

As this

Don’t you know

I’m with you

In all its time

You see

It’s time

You believe

It’s time

You come

Into this calling

It’s time you spoke

It’s time you’d be

The man or woman of God

I see.


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Does God Hear?

Does God hold our hand in our sleep?

When we toss, turn, and fear

Is His word in our ear?

Is God there

Even when we’re asleep?

 Does God’s knee hit the ground

When I fall?

Is His face there beside mine?

Does He feel pain when I try

And fail?

Is He cheering at the finish line

Or running stride-by-stride by my side?

Does He hurt inside from what’s inside me?

In my darkness, does my God see me?


My God …

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Does God Take Pictures?

Does God take pictures of me?

Can he be

As proud of me

As a gray-haired man

On a playground

Snapping pictures furiously

Of his grandseed

Saying, “I won’t get this chance again?”

Does God see me

In my faults and failings,

Wandering from plaything to plaything,


As his dearly loved?

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Do It Now III

It’s time to be

What you and me

Said we’d be

Before we

Became grown

You’ve known

For a long time

What you want to do

You’ve hidden it

I had too

Behind the bills

That need to be paid

Behind the love

That says,

“I’ll do it for them,

The way it needs to be

I’ll struggle along

Maybe one day there’ll be

Time for me

To do things

I dreamed as a child.”

In a …

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Do It Now II

Why wait?

Do it now

Why grate

On, “here’s,” and, “hows.”

Why give up

Why stop here

Why not go on

There is a dear


Waiting for you

Your enemies destroyed

Though it seems like you

Have come to an end

Surrounded in peace

By those of war

Your enemies

Will see

And deliver

All to you

That was stolen

That you knew

Belonged to you

Only stop and see

If you give up …

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Do It Now

There is one way

I have with you

There is one place

For us to do

The things we have

To do in speed

The things we have to do

In deed

In word

In thought


Cannot be

Our speed

Cause now

It’s time to be

In motion

In love

In thinking


What we’ve ever been

Or could have seen

It’s time to soar

It’s time to be


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When in the course of time

Things change,

When in the current of the mind

Thoughts rearrange,

Then, when calm the river surface


And the atmosphere, like the electric


Look and see.

The signs have appeared.

Take heed and know.

God’s Spirit is near.


It’s not the time sparks fire,

Or even an atom’s essence takes flight.

Don’t seek when armies proceed to conquer.

In the atmosphere, just right,

The time has been scheduled.

Your moment has …

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Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

Very good

You say to me

Very good

Our love I see

This time

Very different

From how I saw you

Very different

Very alive

Very much grounded in truth

Not mechanical

Not illusion

But who you are in me

Very good

You are

Very good

You’ll be

In me.


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Dad to Son



Love God with all your heart

Love your wife

And you will have lived

An honorable life.



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Think on


The times

That you

Had to


Again and again

To reach


And it


I was

Not there,

I was


Cold to you,


It seemed.

I was not,

Could never be.

You were

Hurting Me.

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