by: Ken Bossard

Drama – TV Series

Song of Saul

Saul the televangelist has conquered the rough and tumble world of television audience domination, a first for an African-American Jew. His rivals and a miracle-working protege’ seem intent on making his time at top of the ratings world short-lived.


S1 E1 – Saved

Young Mike Johnson is saved from a beating by a pimp when Vernon, rescues and begins evangelizing him. Vernon’s sudden death leads Mike to join Evangelical Holiness Church, under the leadership of Pastor Bruce. Bruce’s Bishop, Saul, takes notice of Mike during his visit. Pastor Stevens begins grooming young singer, JoAnne, to help him take over Saul’s top ratings spot. 

S1 E2 – Philistines 

Mike is summoned to Saul’s Ascension Church to work on staff. Saul “tests” Mike by sending him into the toughest Latino neighborhood to evangelize. Mike gets into a rap battle with gang leader, T-Bone. Saul and his wife, Conchita, T-Bone’s sister, have to come and rescue Mike. 

S1 E3 – A Pretty Penny

Mike and Miss McIlwaine, Ascension Church Administrator, begin to develop a mother-son relationship. When an over-eager young singer offers herself to Saul, Mike begins to see Saul’s trustworthiness, and Saul decides to take Mike under his wing. Saul’s ratings begin to slip due to Stevens’ smear campaign.

S1 E4 – Chink 

A Revival to bolster Saul’s standing in the public eye turns into a tribute to Saul. Ms. McIlwaine, Fred, and Saul’s inner circle are being pushed out by the “Marketing Experts.” The praise heaped on Saul makes Mike uncomfortable. An uninvited guest rises to speak, and the hall falls silent. He prophesies Mike will take over Saul’s empire because Saul put the people before God. The prophetic figure leaves, ending the tribute.

S1 E5 – Heir to the Throne

Conchita banishes Mike to street ministry and praying with the older ladies. Mike tries to discourage their prayers which keep describing signs and wonders following his ministry and pastorate. Mike sees a vision of Jamaican gang members converting many. He preaches to them, not knowing they’d made a deal with Saul to viciously beat Mike, which they do before their leader’s mother, a member of Mike’s ladies prayer group, stops them. Mike gives them a prophetic word that saves their lives during a fight that night, and they all give their lives to the Lord.

S1 E6 – Rahab

Saul’s new inner circle become obsessed with destroying Mike as Mike gets national press for the conversion of the Latino and Jamaican gangs. After a real estate deal goes bad, Conchita is convinced Mike is a curse. She convinces Saul to leak a story Saul’s spies found of Mike visiting a prostitute. Mike and Ms. McIlwaine decide to leave Ascension after Mike meets Fred Hammond, Saul’s former Praise and Worship leader.

S1 E7 – Skeleton 

Saul holds a press conference to expose Mike and tout his return to the top of the ratings heap. The prostitute, Rosa, against Mike’s wishes, shows up and gives a simple and compelling speech on how Mike tried to save her because he loved her mother in high school. He’s like no one she’s ever met. Later, a paternity test reveals Mike is Rosa’s father. Mike, Ms. McIlwaine, Fred Hammond, Rosa, the Jamaicans, and others return to Chicago. 

S1 E8 – Signs and Wonders 

Mike responds to a Mother Boards’ pleas for him to become their pastor. Mike and Ms. McIlwaine begin rooting out the perversion and corruption rampant in their church, finding who can be counted on, who can be redeemed, and relying on their gang recommendations as to who needs to go and how. Cheryl Fields returns.